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Designer Profile

After a decade at the helm of her own interior design firm, Tamara Sayago-Dunner, ASID, IIDA, has circled the globe again and again seeking out distinctive interior design ideas for her clients.

“The history, culture, foods, colors, and traditions around the world all inspire me. I travel internationally because it gives me a different perspective,” she said, noting that perspective brings an unusual depth and vigor to her work. “It’s fun to learn and see new things. Many times we limit our view to that which is familiar and close to us. Traveling is like spreading your wings.”

Tamara finds sources of inspiration in each exotic locale she visits. “Every time I travel, I search in the local stores and absorb the local art. Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris has some of the most beautiful art painted on its walls. Australian aborigine art is great, with lively primal design and bright colors. The pottery in rural Spanish towns – the geometric designs and the colors – is wonderful. Gaudi’s designs in Barcelona are so unique. All these influence the way I design spaces.”

Tamara is an expert at combining international sophistication with the comforts of home. “I always try to make my designs comfortable for the homeowner. They are the ones living in the home. The interiors should reflect their interests and loves.”

According to Tamara, clients can gain insights into their design preferences by scanning the media. People “can get ideas by looking at magazines for things that might appeal to them, such as colors, furniture, or styles.”

Tamara refines those basic ideas to produce one-of-a-kind interiors. “Clients tell me the mood or style they want. I take things I’ve seen abroad and adapt them into the client’s wishes. At the end, I want the client to have a unique design that no one else has, and that people will talk about.”

Having created her own worldwide web of design services, Tamara is adept at handling the challenges of transnational design. She describes an assignment for one client, a dignitary from Nicaragua, who needed two rooms finished on a tight deadline. “Everything needed reupholstering and new window treatments. I had only three weeks to do the job.”

Tamara embraced the challenge. “I flew to Managua and spent two days taking pictures, measuring, and evaluating the style and the client’s taste. Then, back home, I drew floor plan layouts and window treatment designs.” Over the course of many long-distance calls, “we chose fabrics for the window treatments and for the antique pieces that needed reupholstering.”

In the spirit of international cooperation, the project came together beautifully. “The fabrics were chosen in the United States and the upholstery was done locally in Managua,” says Tamara. “The window treatments were designed and made in the United States and shipped to Managua for hanging. Speaking Spanish helped. We finished the rooms the client needed before the holidays.”

Tamara’s work as an interior designer has an inimitable style. “I can bring a unique aspect to a design. Too many times you get the cookie cutter look that everyone has seen. I like to add personality to my work. I treat my projects like objects of art.”

Services Offered

Fusion Design
Contemporary heads East with a modern glance at an age-old culture. Asian influences work their way into contemporary style with spiritual references, modern graphics and clean, elegant look that is timelessly up-to-date. Exotic fashion seeps into current design with Asian influences mixing culture with contemporary.

Space Planning
Whether updating a kitchen or revamping an apartment or home, we make it easy for you to have a great space. One that fits your personality and lifestyle.

Color Consultant
As a color consultant and interior designer, Tamara Sayago Dunner, will work with you to clarify your design objectives and the specific effect you hope to achieve. You will receive a customized color palette that you can use to plan the design elements of your room, such as coordinating wall color and trim with upholstery fabrics, throw pillows, custom window treatments, and area rugs. Having a custom color palette from which to work helps you achieve a balanced look and professional results.

Personal Shopper
How would you like to experience a fun-filled full day of shopping in these exclusive retail stores with a professional interior designer? Well now you can hire a Tamara Sayago Dunner to be your personal shopper for a full day or a half day! Discover luxury furnishings, rare objects d’art, fine tapestries, and a whole host of interesting, high quality home furnishings, fabrics, and decorative items that only an interior designer can show you.

Home Staging
In today’s real estate market you cannot afford not to stage your home. Staging is a marketing tool used in conjunction with the marketing tools you already have in place. It will render those efforts much more effective, as it is the process of preparing a property for sale so that it appeals to the widest range of potential buyers.

Room Makeovers
Our designers and decorators offer a complete makeover to renew and refresh a space with new paint, furniture, drapery or even a whole new floor plan! Make it like new and change the whole space!

Adding the finishing touches to a room is a key designer secret. We will accessorize any space to give you that “designer look”.

Lighting Design
Lighting is such an important part of interior design. It creates a mood and emphasis certain elements in the room.

Awards & Publications

So you’ve left the nest and your childhood bedroom is poised to become a glorified storage closet for your family’s things. Interior designer Tamara Dunner says the best way to make your tiny new dorm room feel like home is to decorate with care and an eye toward color, pattern and style. - See more at: http://www.metro.us